Skills and Services

So, exactly what can Nick do for you?

  • Learn and perform a full set of rock, pop, metal or R&B tunes, by ear or through charts. In the past, Nick has been required to learn a full 45 minute set of music in a week, and has done so with no complication.
  • Record thoughtful, intricate bass parts for your music that will both support the song as well as amplify its impact
  • Perform for your musical's pit band, singer showcase, or anything else where there's an event and charts to go along with it!
  • Help in the songwriting process by adding another melodic ear to provide ideas and feedback
  • Create detailed, accurate, beautiful charts for your songs for ready use with any musicial
  • Compose artful, nuanced arrangements for a variety of ensembles (horns, string quartet, etc.)
  • And more...
For all of the above services, Nick will negotiate a fair, reasonable rate of pay for each instance based upon amount of work, time investment, and so forth.