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  • Bass Transcription of the Week #20: “Aqualung”

    Artist: Jethro Tull  Album: Aqualung  Bass Player: Jeffrey Hammond

    View and download the transcription here!

    Welcome to the newest entry in my Bass Transcription of the Week series! Due to some aforementioned life changes/crises, I have been unable to update this blog since early February, but I’m back now with a new transcription and more to come! This week’s song is Jethro Tull’s 1971 minstrel-tinged classic, “Aqualung”!

    The Song: “Aqualung” is about a homeless man and his experiences. The song, which begins with a menacing rock riff, details his wretchedness and inclination towards pedophilia. The middle bulk of the song goes into more detail about his pain and troubles. There is meant to be contrast between what others see of this man (the first and last sections) and the truth of his pain and plight (the middle, more somber sections). The music of this song has an element of through-composition to it, with many slight twists and turns as it progresses. Going from a rock riff to a more Renaissance-tinged acoustic feel creates an interesting contrast to match the lyrics of the song.

    The Bass: Jeffrey Hammond (or Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, as he’s credited) gives a very dutiful bass performance that propels the song forward much of the time. For large segments of the song, there are no drums, and his walking bass line helps establish the motion of the song. Much of the bass line is built around a quarter-note walking pattern through the chord changes, but with some quicker eighth-note areas as part of his chordal movement. Hammond delivers a very functional bass line that ultimately adds to the character of the song in a big way.

    Favorite moments: The way that the bass follows the mess of chords in section A; bars 27 and 28, which feature a simple tied rhythm that helps lead back into the vocal expertly; sections E and F, which are quite up-tempo and very fun to play.

    Thanks for reading this entry into my Bass Transcription of the Week series! I’ll be uploading a new Bass Cover of the Week later in the week, so be sure to subscribe to this Tumblr and my YouTube channel to get all the newest updates! Thanks very much and have a great week! Happy playing!

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  • An Update on Bass Transcription of the Week

    Hey all you Tumblr people! I’m just posting an update to this blog to explain my inactivity.

    I’ve recently undergone some significant life changes that have occupied my time to the point where I haven’t been able to post updates. My fiance and I decided to part ways in February and I’ve been spending most of my time trying to figure out my situation regarding living arrangements and such.

    However, I’ll be starting up posts on my blog again in early May! You should see another transcription posted here as well as a bass cover on YouTube the first week of May. I really enjoy operating this blog and I’ve gotten some great feedback from friends and strangers, so thank you!

    Anyways, enjoy the rest of your April and check back in May! Thanks for reading.

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