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Nick Fane is a Chicago-based bass player, singer and songwriter working in the Chicago rock, jazz and blues music scene. In these pages you can find links to music, videos, a detailed music resume, and more. Feel free to look around; you might just find something you like!

What people say about Nick:

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Nick Fane on one of my recent recordings and live, on tour in his element with The Nick Moss Band. Nick Fane is an absolutely amazing bass player and person. He has the coolest, thumpy, "dead string", ultra supportive tone (THAT I FAVOR!) and plays in the cracks with the drummer like an ace, solid, simple, and ultra supportive. He can make a four string fender sound like an upright, a tuba or hammond foot pedals. When he solo's/improvises he makes me feel like everything I played that night/day was just plain dumb. I mean the kids just sitting there backing us up all night then he unleashes that shit??? Fane's a maniac, a student, a real musician and humble all day. A total team player, shredder, and an asset to any project or gig he's a part of. A total gem, an un-drafted, future bass hall of famer!" -Jason Ricci, singer/harmonica player/bandleader

"Nick Fane is one of the most musically gifted and easy to work with bassist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He gets DEEP on every style he plays, and he really digs in and gets an awesome, strong tone that sounds great on tape. However young he is, he's one of my favorites on the instrument. He's got ears AND muscle!" - Christoffer "Kid" Andersen, guitarist/producer

"I've had the pleasure of sitting in with the Nick Moss Band on several occasions over the years. I've always been impressed with his ability to identify and nurture young talent. When I was asked to perform at the Chicago Blues Festival in 2017 I couldn't bring my California band and I knew I had to get players that could learn my material and deliver it without rehearsal AND sound as though they had been playing my music for years. Nick Fane from the NMB was my first choice to play bass on the gig and he didn't disappoint! Fane not only has great feel and tone, but he's got the chops to handle anything I threw at him." -Alastair Greene, singer/guitarist/bandleader

"Nick Fane is an incredibly dedicated musician that puts everything he has into the music. He has a full sweet tone on the bass and deep pocket that will make any song groove..." -Kara Grainger, singer/songwriter